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Bacchus Equipment has been in operation since 2007 steered by people with many years of experience in the wine, olive and beverage industries. Our vision and mission is to serve our clients with quality, innovative products, staying on top of the latest technology and to support them in making the right long term decisions.

Our more than 10 international suppliers have been chosen through strict quality assessments. They are leading role players all over the world in their respective fields.

Our experienced technical back-up team is available to all our clients on a 24hour basis for call outs and technical advice. All relevant spare parts are kept at our new offices in Paarl.



We at Bacchus Equipment are committed to the health of their clients, suppliers and employees.

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Sandstone & Terracotta Amphorae

The manufacturing of the containers is made by binding several layers of raw clay made in molds. About 7 weeks are necessary for drying, then the jars are baked at more than 1300 degrees Celsius according to precise temperature curves for both the rise and

the decrease in temperature. Stoneware is a ceramic material characterized by very high hardness and excellent resistance to chemical and climatic aggression.

Main qualities of wines made in stoneware jars:

Minerality, uprightness, freshness, purity

Delicacy and lightness

Respect for the grape variety and the quality of the fruit

Authenticity of the aromas.

The DREAM has become a reality

Bacchus Equipment recently teamed up with with CMA from Italy and just supplied the first DREAM destemmer/sorting system to the South African wine industry. CMA was founded in 1982 and has put in a lot of effort to supply clients with the latest technology in the line of destemming and sorting. CMA is one of the world leaders in these type of gear and as owner Guiseppe Minicucci always reminds us "This is the confirmation of the passion for our work, which is constantly looking for greater rewards". The machine is to be seen at the new state of the art winery Roundstone outside Riebeek Kasteel, owned by Chris and Andrea Mullineux. Andrea is well known for her achievements with award winning wines all over the world!


The new destemmer is made for high quality wines. The upper part of the machine consists of a vibrating system for the destemming action. On the lower part of the DREAM there is an automatic roller sorting table separating stems from the whole destemmed berries. The machine is very easy to clean and easily reachable from the feeding hopper and outlet.


The ROLLTEC - roller sorting system is also available for trials and can operate with other fabricate destemmers as well.


Left top: Machine at Roundstone

Top right: Albert de Wet (Bacchus); Anthony Gertse (Roundstone); Joan Heatlie (Winemaker Roundstone); Giuseppe Minnicucci (Owner of CMA); Chris Mullineux.

Left bottom: DREAM

Right bottom: Andrea inspecting the product coming from her "new DREAM’"